"Lit" Learning Library

Welcome to "LIT" an evolving library if literature created for the beginner, novice, intermediate, and expert CBD individuals. Learn the ABC'S of CBD to better understand how the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) we all are born with can assist you in navigating your CBD self-care journey. 

Important Prefacing Terms

Understanding Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Legality

The Main Event: THC (Marijuana) vs. CBD (Hemp)

Don't Confuse CBD from Hemp with THC from Marijuana - They are Very Different

Cannabinoids and the Blood Brain Barrier

3 Severe Delta-8 THC Side Effects You Must Know

The History of Joints

The Size of Obesity Science

CBD and Weight Loss

Understanding Olfaction Terpenes

Talking Terpenes

Understanding Electromagnetic Waves

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