The History of Joints

1850 Guadalajara, Mexico.  The first recorded use of the modern “joint.” A pharmacist at the University of Guadalajara found that field workers were mixing tobacco and cannabis to get high.


1920 USA.  Prohibition of alcohol from 1920-1933 increased cannabis use through the promotion of “jazz cigarettes.”  Marijuana was legal and smoking in public helped promote joint use.


1960s California, USA.  Marijuana was made illegal in 1937 but the hippies and African-American popular musicians elevated “joint” use to a place of honor in a powerful, emerging culture.  The Vietnam War also contributed to the popularity of joints as many soldiers became users while serving in Asia.


2023.  USA.  The Wailers release various 1.5 gram pre-rolls made with either premium Bubba Kush hemp flower or premium CBG rich Matterhorn hemp flower, laced with over 150 mgs. of pure Delta 8 THC oil, and various popular cannabis terpene strains in an extra-large organic RAW® cone.  Federally legal joints.  Finally. 


Portable and potent, the cannabis “joint” has been the most popular method for relaxing and freeing the mind and body with cannabis.  Joints became extremely popular, initially, in the US among jazz musicians and their music lovers in the early 20th century.  Smoking joints, especially in Jazz Clubs and Honkey Tonks, became so popular that in the 1940’s the Federal Government banned marijuana joints.  Despite the oppressive laws against marijuana, joint use continued to grow among musicians of all genres, including the ballads of the 70’s, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap, etc.   Today, there is no more iconic symbol for personal freedom than the simple joint. 

Technological advances in the natural synthesis of Delta 8 THC from CBD, coupled with the fact that Delta 8 products are federally legal to sell and possess in any quantity, has created an unprecedented mass market consumer demand for PREMIUM QUALITY Delta 8 laced pre-rolls. 

A recent survey of pre-roll users of both Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC found that slightly more users preferred the “high” from Delta 8 to that of Delta 9, however 35% of Delta 9 users reported unpleasant side effects like paranoia or the munchies.  Only 3 % of Delta 8 users found unpleasant side effects.  Finally, the main phrase associated with Delta 9 effects was chill and sleepy while Delta 8 users main phrase centered on laughter and creativity.

Whether you prefer Delta 9, Delta 8, or a blend of the two together…we hope you enjoy the ultimate cannabis experience with The Wailers Pre-rolls.  Cannabis Lovers; One Forever. 


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